Michael B family on the blog

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  1. October 07, 2013
    Muy bellos clicks mi fer!! Tienes que hacer workshop de sesion familiar pues es algo dificil de manejar y a ti se te da muy bien! Saludos compa
  2. October 07, 2013
    Love these clicks AND these guys!!! SO good, Loco!!
  3. October 07, 2013
    Love it!
  4. October 07, 2013
    No words brother. Thank you one million times.
  5. Jessica
    October 07, 2013
    so beautiful, the greatest gift anyone could have given me, you are so talented Fer, thank you!!!!
  6. October 07, 2013
    Awesome! Love all the stories happening in these.
  7. October 07, 2013
    that upside-down sunnies shot! yes! incredible to see two of my favorite photographers's world's collide. y'all are a good looking bunch.
  8. October 07, 2013
    Talk about getting it and creating it!
  9. October 07, 2013
  10. Sheila
    October 08, 2013
    These photos are just pure AWESOME! Captures such a beautiful family!
  11. October 08, 2013
  12. Marianne
    October 09, 2013
    Fer, it is unreal how your photos capture them in their love and spirit as a family. No one could have done done this better! Thank you for sharing.
  13. October 11, 2013
    Que increibles clicks fer!!! Ame la portadaaaa esta padrísima!! :)
  14. October 13, 2013
    Fer solo me das ganas de tener una familia para tener esos clicks!!!! Y tiene razón el de juyá, debes hacer un workshop de retratos fams.
  15. Horte
    November 20, 2013
    Wow fer.. No puedo dormir aqui viendo.. Mañana te atacare con preguntas!!